General Information

The Register of Deeds office provides a standardized, permanent record of real estate ownership and transfers in Vance County. Our office records deeds, deeds of trust, cancellations, plats, assumed names, powers of attorney and other miscellaneous documents related to real estate. Our office also records and issues birth certificates, death certificates, marriage certificates, marriage licenses, military discharges, and maintains the records of notary public commissions.

If you are requesting a certified copy of your marriage license and have recently been married, please do not request a copy until 10 days after your marriage date.

Vance County Register of Deeds provides this service as a convenience to the public. To provide this service, Vance County Register of Deeds charges the applicable amounts for the documents requested plus $4.00 service fee for the online order, .35 cents for the ID authentication system plus any applicable credit card charges.

Vance County Register of Deeds cares about protecting your idenity when applying online. The online ID authentication system will ask you additional personal history questions to verify that the documents are sent to the appropriate location.

Charges will apply when ordering vital records.  Please note the information below:

      • Requests will be managed on a first-come, first-serve basis
      • There are no refunds
      • Records are available back to 1913
      • Requests for information can be completed online and will be processed on normal business days during normal business hours (Monday-Friday 8:30 AM-5:00 PM).
      • For requests submitted after 4 PM, the earliest that a request can be processed and sent is the next business day.


Please note: If you choose to pick up your records in person, rather than have them sent via mail, you will be required to present a valid state issued identification. In addition, you may elect to have your record(s) order picked up by the following persons:

      • Spouse
      • Brother/Sister
      • Child/Step-Child/Grandchild
      • Parent/Step-parent
      • Grandparent
      • Authorized agent, attorney or Legal Representative (Proof Required at time of pickup)


Click the appropriate link button to request information.

All requests will be checked for accuracy. Any inaccurate information may result in your record not being processed. All communication with regard to your order, payment, our progress, and the records delivery will be sent via email.


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The Following Vital Records May Be Requested Online:
Certified Birth Certificate $10.00 ea
Uncertified Birth Certificate Application $0.50 ea
Certified Marriage Certificate $10.00 ea
Uncertified Marriage Certificate Application $0.50 ea
Certified Death Certificate $10.00 ea
Uncertified Death Certificate Application $0.50 ea


There is a $0.50 shipping cost (includes Postage and Handling) for all mailed certificates. If you request an address for international shipping, the cost for shipping is $10.00.

* An additional Non-Refundable $4 service and Credit Card Processing Fee will be applied to all online orders
* An additional Non-Refundable $0.35 "Vital Verify" fee will be applied to all Delivery orders

Information Related to NC General Statutes 130A-93 and 130A-26A:
NC General Statute 130A-26A It is a felony violation to fraudulently request a certified copy of a vital record or obtain, possess, sell, furnish, use, or attempt to use for any purpose of deception a North Carolina Vital Record.
NC General Statute 130A-93 This statute specifies who is entitled to obtain a certified copy of a North Carolina Vital Record. Those entitled to obtain a North Carolina Vital Record are as follows: yourself, spouse, brother / sister, child / step-child, parent / step-parent, grandparent, grandchild, authorized agent, attorney or other legal representative (proof required).


For More Information, Contact:

Vance County Register of Deeds

122 Young Street, Suite F
Henderson, NC 27536

Phone: (252) 738-2110


For Technical Support, Contact:

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